Workshop on Data Science with R-Programming



One week Workshop


Data Science with R-Programming


Organized by

Department of Geology, Cotton College

In association with



From 12th to 18th December, 2016

At Geology Department, Cotton College


Registration Fee: Rs.3,500/-

Eligibility: HS (Sc.) with Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science

Requirement: Personal Laptop is required duriong the workshop


Note: Working lunch to be provided


 Jt. Coordinator(s):

1. Mr. Parag Jyoti Dutta, Assistant Professor, Geology Department, Cotton College

2. Mr. Kalyanjit Hatibaruah, CEO, Flugelsoft Software Pvt. Ltd.


For further details contact: Mr. Kalyanjit Hatibarua (Phone No. 098640-11106)


For registration contact: Mr. Ranjan Bikash Borgohain (Phone No. 87238 53122)


Schedule and Content for R Programming Workshop
Day 1 - Introduction of R and setup of R and R-Studio 
Familiarisation of RStudio & R Environment
Computer Programming I - (Introduction of Packages, Data types, Basic Operators, Vectors, Basic Statistical Functions, Matrix Operations, String Functions, Generating Random Numbers, etc)
Day 2 - Computer Programming II - (Basic Statistical Functions, Matrix Operations, String Functions, Plotting Arguments, Line Plots, Bar Graphs, Probability Plots, Scatter plots, Combining and saving plots, Arrays, List, etc)
Day 3 - Loading and cleaning data 
(Data import, Data Frames, Missing Data, Ordering And Sorting, Merging Data, Examining Files and objects, Apply Functions, Descriptive Statistics, Principal component Analysis, etc.) 
Day 4 - Modelling spatial data with statistics
Generating Predictive surfaces from spatial point data, Kriging interpolation, Introduction to GIS, GIS file formats, Making Maps from spatial data, Working with SAGA GIS 
Day 5 - Visualisation data and Customising plots
Introduction to ggplot2, Facetting, Aesthetics, Logical Tests, Geoms, Position Adjustments, Saving Graphs, Visualisation Distributions, etc.)
Day 6 - Debugging Functions, Additional Resources for R, etc
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